Service Price
Travel (Included on any job where I come to you) $10
Virus/Spyware Clean & Protect $30
System Rebuild (Backup/Restore) $40
New Computer Consulting (fee waved if I install) $10
Peripheral Install/Troubleshooting (Printer,Scanner,gamepad...) $10
Computer Upgrading (RAM, Video Card, Sound Card, Hard Drive, Processor) $20
New Computer Setup (includes moving from old system) $40
Anything else just ask per instance



If I come to you then this charge applies.

Virus/Spyware Clean & Protect

I will run virus/spyware scrubbers and other tune up software that will clean and/or speed up your computer. This does not include a complete backup and reinstall of the operating system.

System Rebuild (Backup/Restore)

I will take your system and do an backup (if possible, this is not possible if there is physical damage to the hard drive) of the entire system (this helps if for some reason the restore does not go properly). Then I will proceed to put your machine back to the state that it was in when it shipped from the factory. From that point I will proceed to install updates, desktop software, threat protection software, and system maintenance utilities. In addition, restore your backed up personal files (documents, pictures, videos).

New Computer Consulting (fee waved if I install)

I will meet with you (email/phone) about what requirements that you have for your upcomming computer purchase and choose a suitable machine for you to buy.

Peripheral Install/Troubleshooting (Printer,Scanner,gamepad...)

If your printer won't print or your scanner won't scan then I will fix it. If you are buying a new one then I can tell you want to buy and/or install it for you and get it connected to every applicable computer (i.e. a networked printer).

Computer Upgrading (RAM, Video Card, Sound Card, Hard Drive, Processor)

I can tell you what to buy (see new computer consulting price) and install it. I can get that old machine back to humming with some minor upgrades, many costing less than $100. This will most definately extend the life of your computer (you may not actually need a whole new machine).

New Computer Setup (includes moving from old system)

I will take your new computer and transfer all your files from your old computer. In addition, I will install and safeguard in the same way I would with a full system rebuild.

Anything else

Just ask me and I will be able to tell you if it is beyond my capabilities. These pre-priced items are just what I thought would be the most common, but I am willing to do most any computer task.
Included but not limited to: home theater consulting/setup, specialty pc builds (gaming, htpc, mobile) from parts, network installs/security auditing.